Chapter 17. Installation from Source Code

Table of Contents

17.1. Requirements
17.2. Getting the Source
17.3. Building and Installation with Autoconf and Make
17.3.1. Short Version
17.3.2. Installation Procedure
17.3.3. configure Options
17.3.4. configure Environment Variables
17.4. Building and Installation with Meson
17.4.1. Short Version
17.4.2. Installation Procedure
17.4.3. meson setup Options
17.5. Post-Installation Setup
17.5.1. Shared Libraries
17.5.2. Environment Variables
17.6. Supported Platforms
17.7. Platform-Specific Notes
17.7.1. AIX
17.7.2. Cygwin
17.7.3. macOS
17.7.4. MinGW/Native Windows
17.7.5. Solaris

This chapter describes the installation of PostgreSQL using the source code distribution. If you are installing a pre-packaged distribution, such as an RPM or Debian package, ignore this chapter and see Chapter 16 instead.

If you are building PostgreSQL for Microsoft Windows, read this chapter if you intend to build with MinGW or Cygwin; but if you intend to build with Microsoft's Visual C++, see Chapter 18 instead.